At-Home August Workout


August can be a little crazy — with vacations, back to school activities and Labor Day coming up, the gym can be out of reach. So here’s a workout that you do can anywhere! No equipment needed.

Don’t forget, if you aren’t sure about an exercise, google it. Look over all the circuits before you start the workout so you are prepared and can go into one exercise right after another. We want to keep that heart-rate up!

Circuit #1
Bicycle Crunches (30 seconds)
Flutter Kicks (30 seconds)
Side Crunch (15 each side)
Planks To Push Up (15 right arm up first, 15 left arm up first – alternate)
Rest 30 seconds

Circuit #2
Superman (12 reps)
Glute Kickback (12 each leg)
Shoulder Touches (12 each arm)
Squat Jumps (15 reps)
Rest 30 seconds

Circuit #3
Step-up Onto Chair (12 each leg)
Dips On Chair (15 reps)
Split-squat With Chair (12 each leg)
Chair Push Up (10 reps)
Rest for 1 min

Repeat x3

Complete Cardio Portion:
Plank Walks (plank position, walk sideways) 5 left, 5 right for 45 seconds
Over-n-Backs (find a line on the floor, hop over and back) for 45 seconds
Jump Lunge Split (jump and land in a lunge position) for 45 seconds
Lateral Jumps (jump and land on one foot as far as comfortable, LT then RT) 45 seconds
2 minute rest  rest

Repeat x4

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