June’s At-Home Workout: Arms, Legs & Glutes


Summer can be busy but that’s doesn’t mean you have to stop working out! Here’s an at-home workout that doesn’t need any equipment, works your full body and gets that heart rate up.

Superset #1
Squats  (20 reps) – add a jump if you are feeling crazy!
High Knees (1 minute)
Tricep Dips (20 reps)
Skaters (1 minute)
Rest for 1 Minute

Superset #2
Lunges (10 each leg)
Push-Ups (10 reps)
Calf Raises (25 reps)
Russian Twists (25 reps each side)
Rest for 1 Minute

Superset #3
Burpees (10 reps)
Bent Leg Kick Backs (15 each leg)
Hip Bridges (20 reps)
Wall-Sit (hold 1 minute)
Rest for 1 Minute

Superset #4
One-Arm Plank (Hold each arm for 1 minute)
Leg Raises (15 each leg)
Mountain Climbers (25 each side)
Side Lunges (10 each side)
Rest for 1 Minute

Repeat 3x

Sometimes a busy schedule can be an excuse not to workout, don’t let it! Stay active, keep moving and don’t quit! You got this, girl!

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By Ashley Hale | June 9, 2017 at 7:53 am

Can’t wait to try this!!!

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