He’s Always Watching 8.9.17

“From the place of His dwelling He looks on all the inhabitants of the earth.”  Psalm 33:14

Although it’s doubtful that you watch AS MUCH reality TV as me (#realityTVaholic), you have probably seen at least one show at some point. The intrigue of this kind of entertainment is undeniable. But could you imagine yourself actually being in the midst of that lifestyle, having every minute of your day filmed and broadcasted? Talk about intrusive and distressing. You would have to be to always be on guard of your actions and words.

Psalm 33 tells us that God watches us constantly from on high in this way (v.14). He sees not just images and activities but discerns thoughts and motives. As Creator God, when He speaks, it will be done (v.9). His eternal purposes march on unhindered (vv.10-11). Earthly obstacles are mere steppingstones to Him. Though many may depend on military strength for deliverance and safety, their hope is in vain (v.16-17).

Yet we who fear the Lord need not flee from this awesome God. The psalmist affirms, “The eye of the Lord is on those who fear Him, on those who hope in His mercy . . . . He is our help and our shield” (v.18,20).

The eye of the Lord may be fearsome, but we who trust in Him rejoice. He is not an intrusive “Big Brother,” but our loving heavenly Father who watches over us.

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