Man Cave Design and Keeping it Classy

Man Cave

Regardless of gender, we all desire personal sanctuary within our own home. While women may dream of walk AROUND closets and ultimate kitchen workspaces, men envision a space to retreat and just get away… the Man Cave. The term ‘man cave’ often gives off a certain stereotype that can send the most agreeable of wives running for the hills. However, these spaces of manly solitude do not have to be filled with neon signs, alcohol paraphernalia, and easy recliners that resemble the Michelin Tire Man. While you’ll definitely want to maintain masculinity and comfort, there are several strategies for designing a Man Cave that will incorporate trendier styles and create consistency with the rest of your home. You may even want to show it off when guests come over.

Where to Start

Start by focusing on a statement piece of the room. This may very well be your husband’s prized flat screen TV, or it could be as simple as a collection of books on a crafted bookshelf. Man Caves can also be a great space to show off your wine cellar or pool table. But whatever the focus, let it be the guiding principle and run with the theme from there.

What to Use

When selecting furnishings and finishes, think of classical masculine materials and sleek, straight edges. Iron, bronze, leather, reclaimed woods, and glass are all stylish and sophisticated staples. Woven rugs in a jute or sisal bring in great texture and you might even consider layering them with an animal hide (or faux hide) for added complexity. Keep the throw pillows to a minimum and be sure to choose options that are neutral. Think texture and pattern over color and if all else fails, go with a solid, stripe, or plaid.

How to Execute

Lastly, (and as with most interior design) less is more. Try to keep this space from becoming a storage area in your home. If it becomes cluttered with too much furniture or decor, it will take away from the main purpose of the space: relaxation. When considering objects for the walls, use pieces that could speak for themselves or become conversation starters. Vintage jerseys or flags, guitars, large-scale paintings, and world maps are a few examples of appropriate wall decor. Hunting accessories are also trendy at the moment and work perfectly for man caves. Lots of stores are now carrying faux animal heads in all kinds of materials, as well as antler objects and woodland creature silhouette prints.

Allow your male counterpart to have some say in the process (especially regarding the sofa selection) and I guarantee he will be pleased with the final result. We all deserve a space to call our own and promoting that idea with him will only add to the harmony and health of your living environment.

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