Favorite Kitchen Items by Take a Bite’s Annie Tucker


Annie Tucker is the creator behind the super chic OKC food blog, Take a Bite. Outside of her fantastic recipes, she shares plenty of other fun “bites” from her life. We are so excited to share the kitchen tools that she can’t live without, and some of the items you’ll need to make her perfect CCCs . You will not be disappointed! Cheers!

-The Women of The Well

My kitchen is my favorite room in my house. Being a food blogger you can probably understand why. Not only is it the place where I cook, bake and recipe test, it’s also the room that houses some of my favorite things I own. For example, my pink Kitchen Aid mixer – the mascot of my kitchen, as I like to think of it.

It’s important to have a well-stocked kitchen. Kind of like how people say, if you have a cute workout outfit, it makes you more enticed to workout.  The same thing applies here. If you have a stocked kitchen, you will want to cook and use it more! I have curated a list of my top 10 favorite kitchen items, the things I can’t imagine my kitchen without. This list can be used as a check list for yourself or with it being wedding season, these would all make a great gift for someone just setting up their kitchen.  


  1. 10-piece glass mixing bowl set – These bowls are easily the most used thing in my kitchen. I use the big bowls for making cooking dough, frosting, tossing salads, popcorn and the small bowls for whisking salad dressings and pre-portioning out spices for cooking. Anytime I have to buy a wedding present, this is my go to. Everyone needs these bowls in their life.  
  2. Fish Spatula – You may have never seen a fish spatula before and you may never make fish, but this spatula can be used for numerous things. My roommates love it for making eggs, and I love it for flipping roasted veggies. It’s thin and flexible and great for just about anything.
  3. Kitchen Aid mixer– A must for anyone who likes to bake. Hand held beaters just won’t make cookies the way you want them like a stand mixer will!
  4. Single Serve blender I for one prefer this little single serve Ninja blender over a big countertop size. The single size cup is great for portion control on smoothies. I like being able to fill the cup to the top and know it will be the perfect size smoothie.
  5. Mini spatula Perfect for scraping every last drop of your smoothie out of the blender. I bought this for other reasons, but now solely use it for smoothies. Every drop counts!
  6. Cast Iron Skillet I recommend the 10.25 inch size. Cast iron skillets are the best. I love that you can go from cooking something on the stove to putting it straight in the oven. I make my salmon this way and frittatas. You can also make cookie skillets in them!
  7. Small Fry Pan -I love this little 8.5 inch size fry pan for making my scrambled eggs. Any bigger and the eggs end up all over the place, and it’s harder to get soft fluffy eggs. It’s also the perfect size for omelets.
  8. Maldon salt – This trendy salt goes on just about everything I make. Scrambled eggs with a little Maldon salt on top completely transforms them! I also sprinkle it on roasted chicken thighs, roasted veggies, hard boiled eggs, salads and my perfect chocolate chip cookies!
  9. Parchment paperCan’t make cookies without it! So much better than using cooking spray. Cookies slide right off parchment paper and make cleaning off your cookie sheets so much easier.
  10. Gold forks  – Perfect for making your average dinner feel fancy and the best way to upgrade your foodgram game!

Photos by Katie Cunningham of kgc photography

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