Hand Lettering For Beginners by Jenna Howell


Beautifully handwritten prints are ALL the rage right now. But starting out this stylistic skill can be a bit daunting. Fortunately we have our sweet friend and caring creative, Jenna Howell, here to share with us on hand lettering as a beginner. Jenna is the personality behind Howell Handmade, a shop specializing in all things lettering. She has a passion for teaching others the craft that she has fallen in love with and is giving us a behind-the-scenes peek + tutorial today! Hope you enjoy hearing from her!

-The Women  of The Well

Hi, friends! I’m Jenna. Lover of ice cream, binge-worthy TV shows, and all things hand lettered. I’m the founder (can you even call yourself a founder if you’re not a president?) and letterer at Howell Handmade. I started this gig less than a year ago, but I’ve been lettering for as long as I can remember. I was always the go-to girl if you had a cheer sign to make, binder to fancy up, or a “Vote for Me for Student Council President” poster that you needed to look perfect. I’m a wife, mama, full-time employee at Life.Church and, as of this summer, officially a part-time letterer. This is basically my dream come true.

There is SO much about hand lettering that I love, but I think my most favorite thing is teaching people like you (yes, you) how to letter. I had this dream in my head to host some sort of fun night where people can come, hang out, and letter… and you guys, it happened. I launched my first Intro to Brush Lettering class in June and it was seriously the best! On top of my monthly classes, I’ve also started hosting private lettering parties for birthdays, Bible study groups, wedding showers, etc., and it just keeps getting more fun! Lettering can seem so overwhelming, but I love breaking it down to the basics. We learn how to hold a brush pen, what supplies to use (and not use), practice strokes, the alphabet, and more! I always give my classes my top 5 tips for beginners and I’m really excited to share 2 of them with you today.

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The best part about lettering is that anyone can learn and no one’s lettering is ever the exact same. It’s so fun to watch people add their own flare and style to their letters. It’s kind of like seeing someone’s personality come out on the paper. I know it may seem intimidating to just jump in, but do it. You won’t regret it! And yes, even if you have “the handwriting of a Kindergartener,” you can letter. I promise.

If you’re ever in the market for a custom lettered piece or looking for a fun girls night out, look me up here! Also, be on the lookout for some hand lettered mugs by yours truly (me) hitting the shelves at Hobby Lobby soon. Follow along with me on this crazy fun journey. This is just the beginning and I can’t wait to see where it goes.


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