When You’re an Extreme Extrovert & Marry an Introvert


Jermelle and I have been together for 9 years and over time, I’ve learned to live with and love his introvert-ness. Two could not be more different — I love chocolate, he doesn’t (which I will never understand). I love eating out, he loves cooking at home. I love inviting all of our friends over for dinner, he’d rather it just be me and him. Wow, I just realized all my comparisons have something to do with food. Can you tell I’m pregnant?

Anyway, it took me awhile to understand his way of thinking. Why do you want to just sit at home and chill all the time? Why do you feel uncomfortable around a large group of people you know? What’s so nerve racking about being the center of attention? Shoot, I love it! Am I right, my extrovert friends?!

It’s the way he’s made — it’s something I can’t change. When I started respecting his differences and intentionally trying to see where he’s coming from, my whole mindset changed. I actually started loving that my husband is an introvert.

Here are some reasons why I love my introvert:

  1. I see a side of him most people never get to see.
    It takes time (like years) for Jermelle to let you in. He feels comfortable around a small group of people and he’s content with that. When he’s around his peeps, he comes out of his shell and is funny, witty and keeps us laughing!
  2. There’s no one more loyal.
    Introverts are loyal. I can always count on him. Once those walls came down, there was no going back. Jermelle would go to war for his friends and family. That’s who he is down to his core.
  3. He keeps me grounded.
    As an extrovert, I have the tendency to over exert myself to the point that I’m completely exhausted! Jermelle is quick to remind me that it’s okay to just chill for a bit. Marriage is a balancing act and he definitely keeps me level.

I have no doubt Jermelle would have to admit that I’ve rubbed off on him. Large groups of people don’t completely freak him out anymore and he even talks to strangers sometimes! The man is coming around!

Needless to say, if you are an extrovert who is in love with an introvert — you are not alone. Be thankful for each other’s differences! It’s what makes life fun.

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By Cindy | May 31, 2017 at 2:27 pm

Kandyce, I love this article !!! Loyalty is Dan’s strongest character trait! I love him more and more each day! Thank you for sharing ! Cindy A

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