Marriage For Realz

Jermelle and I will celebrate our two year anniversary in February. We met 9 years ago and I still can’t get enough of the guy. When you’ve been together since you were 20, you’ve gone through many different seasons of life. Needless to say, we’ve been through a lot. Six different cities and a few […]

WAGS Truth

Since I’ve known my husband, I’ve always known his ultimate goal was to play in the National Football League. Coming from a small school, it was a BIG dream with small probability. I mean I’m talking a less than 1% chance. But long story short and by the grace of God, he’s in his 6th […]

All About Alice

My name is Alice Decker and I’m a wife, dog-mom, Disney enthusiast, and encourager at The Well. Although now currently living in (and loving) Oklahoma City, I am a Lebanon, Missouri native and a graduate of Kansas State University’s Interior Architecture program. I enjoy the city life, but I will always be a small town […]