Tips for Meal Planning During the Lenten Season


Happy Monday!

With Mardi Gras tomorrow, many people will be beginning a fast for the the Lenten season. Traditionally, some will abstain from meat on Wednesdays and Fridays until Easter. Others will choose specific things to avoid like social media, TV, sweets, etc,. A few months ago, Kandyce wrote on article on spiritual discipline of fasting. So check that out for tips and points to consider when beginning any fast.

In my experience, it seems like many choose some sort of food or foods to withhold during a fast. Food is such an integral part of our days, and today I want to share some meal planning tips that are relevant whether you are planning to fast from a specific food this season or if you are just trying to be more intentional in your eating during the week.

  1. Schedule a time to plan and prepare a list of the meals, snacks, and the groceries you will need for the week. I always choose 2 breakfasts, 2 snacks, a grain, a bean, and a protein to prepare before the week even begins. This allows me to be able to throw together quick lunches and dinners on busy nights by simply adding a few sides.
  2. Pre-cut your own vegetables and fruits. Buying pre-cut produce from the grocery store can be significantly more expensive than buying the actual produce; however, it is significantly more convenient during the week when the produce is cut. Just make sure they are tightly sealed to prevent browning. You can always sprinkle fruits like apples with lemon juice to keep the texture and flavor.
  3. Purchase quality containers to store your prepped foods to preserve freshness. I love these that are oven, microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe. The lids lock to prevent any spilling.
  4. Remember, give yourself grace. Fasting isn’t about perfection. It is about leaning on the Lord to meet your needs. We’re praying for you!

Are you fasting this season? If so, what are you abstaining from? Have you ever done any meal planning?

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