Be A Peacemaker 7.20.17

And those who are peacemakers will plant seeds of peace and reap a harvest of righteousness.

James 3:18

What type of harvest are you planting? Sometimes I personally can get so wrapped up in my own opinions, views and selfish desires that I forget that as a follower of Christ, I am to pursue peace in all things. When we bring peace and kindness everywhere we go, naturally we leave a wake of goodness in every situation and with each person we touch.

I chose this verse today not because this is something I have mastered but something I need to intentionally put into practice. I actually kept avoiding this scripture because it convicted my heart in a major way and I was a little embarrassed! How can I write a devotion over something that I constantly battle with? Spoiler alert: I am a big fat sinner.

But the good news is, His grace is sufficient! Even though we are sinners, He continues to love and forgive His children. Thank you, Jesus!

We are called to put ourselves aside and daily be peacemakers in all situations. Examine your heart, pray the Lord will fill you with His unconditional, pure love. He will answer your prayer.

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