Contentment Over Resentment 8.24.17

Jesus said to him, “If I want him to remain until I come, what is that to you? You follow Me!” John 21:22

Have you ever looked at someone else’s circumstances, situations, gifts, or possessions and wondered why they were more deserving than you? That’s so ME. Right here. I think it all the time. Because even though I’m a Christian, I am still a human with resentful and jealous thoughts of the flesh. I wonder why the “bad” people always seem to catch breaks, while the “good” keep getting knocked down.

Life may not seem “right” or “fair,” but God tells us not to concern ourselves with those things.

When Jesus informed the apostle Peter that he was going to die as a martyr for his faith, Peter asked what would happen to his fellow disciple John. He seemed to think that it wouldn’t be fair if John didn’t die the same way. But Jesus told him that what would happen to John was not to be Peter’s concern—that was God’s decision. Peter’s responsibility was simple: He was to follow Christ.

When looking at others makes you resent the unfairness of life, change your focus. Look to Jesus and follow Him. Life’s injustices are only for a little while. Perfect fairness will be ours to enjoy forever in heaven.

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